You focus on growing your podcast kingdom

We focus on the grunt work.

Your focus needs to be on delivering a dynamite podcast show.

But you’re busy focusing on doing all the work behind the scenes that goes into running one. You don’t have time to solely focus on providing value through your podcast.

As the ruler of your podcast, your most important focus needs to be on delivering great content and fantastic interviews. This happens by not being distracted by all the behind the scenes work putting your show together such as:

  • Reaching out and finding compelling people to interview.
  • Researching the interviewee to be prepared for the conversation.
  • Scheduling the interview.
  • Editing the interview into the final product to showcase are your podcast episode.
  • Repurposing the information from the podcast interview to market on other social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Linkedin and your personal website.

All this requires your focus outside of you being in the throne of your podcast show. As the ruler of your show your strengths need to be focused on creating an amazing show and and growing a large podcast following.

Focus on your strengths, free up your time, and let us take care of all the other stuff. Delegate the behind the scenes work to us and focus on being the Ruler of your Podcast show. Here is how Podcastle can help.

Stay in the spotlight of your show.

Now you CAN keep your focus where it matters most. Harness the power of the ruler of your show.

What if your schedule contained future appointments with intriguing guests to interview and help grow your podcast show? What if your inbox already contained an email with a paper of questions to ask and facts to review prior to the interview?

Think about all this time you could use to focus on other parts of your business and marketing your podcast show.

What if each podcast episode was finalized in the que for you to launch or had peace of mind knowing it was launched at the schedule you already agreed upon?

Think about how you could use this additional time to reach more people and grow your following.

What if you have a bank of additional content repurposed from each interview to share on your social media platforms?

Think about how you could interact more with your community rather than focused on creating pictures, writing blogs, and making social media posts.

That is what Podcastle is all about, we are here to do as much or as little of the behind the scenes work of your podcast show as you need. We want to create more time for you to focus on what is important. More time and more focus means more money for your business. Plain and simple.

Services We Offer


  • Creating lists of amazing potential guests
  • Scheduling guests to be interviewed on your show
  • Researching guests and creating pre-interview reports with everything you need to know


  • Adding your intro and outro to each episode
  • Finalizing each podcast interview to make it ready for release
  • Launching the podcast episodes on a preauthorized schedule


  • Creating quote images for Instagram and Twitter.
  • Creating infographics to share on Facebook.
  • Creating blog posts to share on your personal website, Medium, and/or Linkedin.

Ready to get a quote on how we can help met your podcast needs? We have people ready to get to work for you!

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